Gift vouchers and presents

Would you like to surprise someone with an item that you have spotted on our website or in our store? Let us know which item in specific you would like, add a personal message for the person you will be offering the present to, and send us this information together with the name and address of the recipient of the gift. Please make sure to let us know which purchase you are referring to, to ensure we send the right package to the right person! They payment is settled through the normal online purchase process. We take care of a fancy gift wrapping at no extra cost!

Would you like to offer a gift voucher, but you don’t find the voucher with the amount you would like to offer in our webshop? Send an email to info@uma-store.be with the amount you would like to offer as gift. We invite you to wire this amount of our bank account with IBAN number BE91 7350 4168 9776. After the receipt of the payment we shall send the nicely wrapped gift voucher to the given name and address. The voucher will be valid one year from its emission.

Thank you!