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  • Still one of our favorites UMA fashion store by DETAIL
  • Good girls go to heaven UMA girls go everywhere Travel
  • Open every Monday from 1200 to 1700h! newopeninghours interiordetails fakeplantsneverdie
  • Last sizes 1 and 2! teddycoat livthelabel ikkoopbelgisch wintercoat multibrand
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  • Winterflowers scandinavianfashion multibrandboutique fashionstore mechelen umastorelovers
  • Top or Bottom? Ideetje voor kerst vergeet niet op tijd
  • Im pretty sure she eats men for breakfast lorevankerckhoven hottie
  • Mad for plaid on trend bold colours and tailored our
  • We love it when our customers share our enthousiasm! Lovely
  • The weekend is PINK newarrivals widelegpants mohairsweater favouritecolour warm flannelshirt
  • Opgeruimd en klaar voor maandag Open vanaf 1200u! openonmondays umastorelovers